Below is an example of how I use an “About” page to build relationships online as I aim to develop connections and build a network that will lead to speaking engagements. After each section, I will use an asterisk to identify my explanation of how this section of the webpage will be used to apply concepts of the social information processing theory.

Meet Ruth

Hi! I'm Ruth Zylka. I am a Jesus follower, wife, mom, daughter and friend. I also love to teach God's word and express what I am learning through written word. My favorite day would consist of rain, coffee, a warm fire, my Bible, my journal and then a good book. I love cooking, baking and hosting a party. 

My heart is to teach God's word and to help bring to life the love letter from our Creator. I am available for all types of speaking events and can be contacted through my Contact Form below. To see some of my past speaking engagements, check out my YouTube page. Or you can watch my latest speaking engagement at the bottom of the page.

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* A short bio offers information to the readers and insight into who I am as a person. This section can be used to build trust between myself and those who are looking for a speaker for an event. The picture offers a visual representation of who I am and the written bio sets the stage for what I want them to know. In this section I used the self-presentation aspect of SIP.

Connect with Ruth on Facebook and Instagram

* Using social media offers another way to build relationships online. As a website creator, connecting your social media accounts provides one more point of connection for those who want to learn more about who you are as a person. When looking for a speaker for an event, people want to know not only what you stand for theologically, but also who you are a person. Social media is a perfect way for someone to get to know your interests, family and personality. It is another way to use nonverbal communication to build online relationships.

Contact Form 

Use the form below to connect with Ruth and make a request for speaking engagements. 

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* A contact form allows me as the website host to connect on my own time. The contact form, along with social media, can be used as asynchronous channels of communication. “Meaning that parties can use them nonsimultaneously - at different times. With time constraints relaxed, CMC users are free to write when they are able to do so, knowing that the recipient will read the message at a convenient time” (Griffin, et al., 2015, p. 128). A contact form online can remove any awkward face-to-face communication when booking a speaking events (for example a conversation about payment) and allows both parties involved to respond at a convenient time.

If you desire to be a speaker, people need to be able to watch you speaking. Including a video of a previous speaking engagement allows curious followers to watch your speaking ability, stage presence and understanding of theological topics. While this is a verbal online connection, it is still not face-to-face communication. Credibility can be built and other cues are used as viewers build impressions based off of what they watch.